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Box Composer Title Genre Performed
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90 Adam Si J'Etais Rois Overture  
90 Alford Colonel Bogey March Film Military  
90 Amers The Wee McGregor March Scottish  
120 Anderson The Waltzing Cat Descriptive  
91 Anderson Blue Tango Descriptive Dance  
120 Anderson A Trumpeter's Lullaby Descriptive Soloist  
206 Anon Country Connections    
107 Auber Masaniello Overture Overture  
107 Auber Fra Diavolo Overture Overture  
81 Bach Orchestral Suite 3 Suite Chamber  
33 Bach Air on a G String Chamber  
89 Bach Overture 3 Overture Chamber  
81 Bach Brandenburg 3 Concerto  
33 Balfe The Bohemian Girl Overture Opera  
43 Barry Dances With Wolves Film TV  

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