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Box Composer Title Genre Performed
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90 Adam Si J'Etais Rois Overture  
90 Albeniz Tango Dance Spanish 2016c
90 Alford Colonel Bogey March Film Military  
0 Althouse Jay / H Watson Hosanna, Hosanna! Yule Christmas 2013c
90 Amers The Wee McGregor March Scottish  
101 Anderson Sarabande Descriptive 2002c
119 Anderson Sleigh Ride Descriptive Yule Christmas 2016c 2017c
101 Anderson Syncopated Clock Descriptive 1989c 2008
120 Anderson The Waltzing Cat Descriptive  
101 Anderson Sandpaper Ballet Descriptive 1992c 2003c
101 Anderson Plink Plank Plunk Descriptive 1990c
91 Anderson Jazz Pizzicato Descriptive 1993c 1994 2013c
91 Anderson Bugler's Holiday Descriptive 1987c 1991c 2013c
91 Anderson Blue Tango Descriptive Dance  
91 Anderson Belle of the Ball Descriptive Waltz 1989c 1999c

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